Monday, 27 June 2011


Genesis 10
A list of names, most of them identifiable people groups as descendants of Noah. Particular focus is on the peoples that would have a big influence on Israel later on in the OT.

Application: No idea.

Genesis 13
Coming from Egypt Lot and Abram are together, they separate, Abram giving Lot the choice of land. Lot goes to the region of Sodom and Gomorrah (is there a link with the attractive land and the sin?). Abram is then promised great blessing.

Application: Something that is humanly attractive (the fertile land) when linked with sin is not always the best option. God can make seemingly hard situations blessed.

Genesis 14
Lot is captured by invading, ruling kings and Abram successfully rescues him, gaining significantly in the process. Tithing the proceeds to Melchizedek.

Faithful dependence on God and then returning a tenth to the priest of God. After success, God is the one who should receive the glory.

Genesis 15
God makes a covenant with Abram. “I am your shield, your reward shall be very great.” Abram still is worried that he has no children. He then receives a vision of the coming time related to the land that God is giving him.

Having given up material riches, God gives blessing, faith brings righteousness.

Genesis 16
Sarai offers Hagar to Abraham to provide an heir. Hagar runs away when mistreated by Sarai, but an angel meets her and tells her to return and call her son Ishmael (God hears).

A warning about trying to fulfil God's promise by human methods, but even then, God cares for the result of the sin. God sees our hardship.

Genesis 17
Abram and Sarai are renamed Abraham and Sarah


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