Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Numbers 24
Balaam makes two more prophesies, one blessing Israel and the other foretelling what they are going to do to the peoples in and around the land of Canaan. Balak becomes angry after the first and orders Balaam to return home immediately, but Balaam replies about not being able to speak anything but what God wants him to say.

Application: Do only what God wants even when it makes others angry. Be in tune with God about what he wants. God blesses his people.

Numbers 27
Addition to the inheritance laws of women if there are no sons. Joshua is commissioned. Moses is going to die soon so Joshua is given a public leadership position. Shepherding is mentioned and also that Joshua has God's spirit in him.

Application: Leaders need commissioning, need to have God's spirit and they act like shepherds (what do shepherds do?)

Numbers 28
Guidelines for daily offerings, Sabbath offerings, Monthly offerings, the Passover and the feast of weeks.

Application: Feasting, holidays and celebrations are important in the sight of the Lord, so we should also take days off..

Numbers 29
Feast of trumpets and the day of atonement. The day (week) of atonement is massive, big offerings made over several days.

Application: Being right with God is important and holidays are important.

Numbers 31
Attack against the Midianites, and a great victory. Non-virgins are killed. Division of the spoils, some being given to God.

Application: Everything we receive should be tithed.

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